Антон Шевчук // Web-разработчик

phpXCore – CMF/CMS system

phpXCore is a free open source content management framework written with PHP for creating a customized content management system.


Project status

phpXCore is under heavy development. Now we work under new version based on Zend Framework


As of 01 March 2007, the minimum requirements for phpXCore consist of:

  • Apache (version 1.3.19 or above)
  • MySQL (version 4.1.x or above)
  • PHP (version 4.2.x or above)

phpXCore is thoroughly tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows NT/2000/XP. There are reports that phpXCore works on Microsoft IIS, but Apache is recommended for running phpXCore on Windows.

Additionally, phpXCore displays properly in most major browsers: Internet Explorer (version 5.5+), Netscape, Opera, Mozilla/Firefox and Safari.



  • Project was started in November 2005


  • Finished some projects on phpXCore CMF


  • Open homepage of project http://www.phpXCore.org
  • Releasing phpXCore under the GPL on Google-Code in March 2007