Забаненный на digg’e

Утро не предвещало плохих новостей…
…открыл Operу, бегло прошерстил закладки в браузере, вроде всё как всегда – на мыло никто ничего не написал, на блоге не спамили, вот только странное сообщение на страничке digg’а:

This Account is Disabled
Your account has been disabled due to misuse.

Меня это конечно озадачило, начал гуглить – понял, что это достатчно частое явление, и что рецепт только один – писать письмо в саппорт…

Собравшись с духом написал своим корявым английским следующее:

My Account has been erroneously disabled.
I tried to sign in and see that:
This Account is Disabled
Your account has been disabled due to misuse.
My account is: AntonShevchuk

I commited only two story, with link to post on my blog (http://anton.shevchuk.name), i posted stories to ‘Technology’/’Programming’, strories about JavaScript and PHP…
I reread http://digg.com/tos and I not understand why my account is disabled :(

Please restore my account.

P.S. Sorry for may bad english…, my native language is russian….

With best regards, Anton Shevchuk

Ну думаю, ответ мне ждать прийдеться долго, но… через 6 минут мне пришёл ответ следующего содержания:

Our internal spam controls flagged multiple accounts under 1 IP all
digging the same stories. Mass digging (digg story fraud) is in
violation of our Terms of Service. If users, websites, or companies
violate our TOS we block them from the site.

If you are behind a NAT and all share the same IP…we definitely
understand your concerns. However, Digg encourages users to digg
stories independently of each other. Otherwise, companies can create
tens, hundreds, even thousands of accounts and artificially inflate the
Digg counter. Techniques like that defeat the democratic nature of the
digg philosophy. Instead of the community deciding (Digging) for the
story, a small collective is deciding (Digging) the relevance of the
story and getting it to the homepage, or at least attempting to. That’s
not a democratic process and it’s imperative that the community decides
the story’s relevance.

Additionally, what really made your accounts look suspicious (beyond the
same IP) is that most/all the accounts had little or no prior
(independent) Digg history. They’re only digging the 1 story that
relates to the submission. Thus, to the people behind Digg, it looks
like you’re just trying to promote your submission instead of
contributing to Digg like everybody else. Democracy is Digg’s
competitive edge against similar websites so protecting that concept and
philosophy is paramount.

We will unban your account if you agree not to do this again.

For more information visit: http://digg.com/tos and http://digg.com/faq

Меня порадовала такая оперативность, пусть даже тама и автоответчик… Далее я, уже на радостях от такого общения с ботом, написал еще одно письмо:


Thank you for your quick response.
I am member of local network (more two hundred people), and for connect to internet we use proxy server (NAT?).
Lately on our local forum user posted message about “digg” service and after read it I joined to digg.com.
Maybe not only I joined to digg.

I agree your “Terms of Use” and thank you for your response.

Можно сказать – отмазался… и даже с позитивным результатом:

Your account has been unbanned.

Итого, если Вас так же “безосновательно” забанили – пишите письма… e-mail саппорта: feedback@digg.com

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  1. Спасибо. Напишу наверно в суппорт. Не слишком часто получается туда что-либо сабмитить, но “Bad ip adress” не очень радует.

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